About Us

Second Chance Hearing’s doctors and staff have a standard of care that expresses compassion and respect. We have a modern state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology in our field. Our highly trained audiologists are experienced in treating all ages – from pediatrics to geriatrics.
One of the reasons we love audiology is that we get to know the families of those we care for. Building relationships with our patients and learning that our services improved their quality of life, makes our work more fulfilling.


My hearing has been poor for several years. Analog hearing aids were not much help. I asked my primary physician and my ENT for recommendations. Both physicians enthusiastically recommended Second Chance Hearing. Dr. Alison Burks tested my hearing and recommended a hearing aid made by Phonak. One of my problems was listening to my wife while driving. Dr. Burks showed me how to shut out the noise from the road and the ventilation system with one easy click of a button while still being able to hear my wife’s voice. The monthly meeting of the Ventura County Writers Club usually draws an audience of 100. Some speakers are more skilled than others at using the microphone. As the speakers change I may have to adjust the volume. A click on one of the aids automatically changes the volume at both ears. I can hear the speakers clearly no matter where I sit in the audience. At home I keep the volume low. I hear my family and I can listen to the TV without the TV ears. The sound is so natural; I forget that I’m wearing my hearing aids.

– Peter, Camarillo, CA

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