What is Listening Fatigue?

Auditory Fatigue aka Listening Fatigue

Do you find that you’re unusually tired as the day goes by? Does conversation with others drain you more than it should? These could be signs of listening fatigue, otherwise known as auditory fatigue, and it is a common condition that goes hand-in-hand with hearing loss. What is listening fatigue? The process of listening involves… Continue reading What is Listening Fatigue?

Holistic Methods for Managing Tinnitus

Holistic methods for managing tinnitus

Tinnitus. Millions of people around the world live with it. Millions more will end up with it. What is it, and what can be done to manage it? Tinnitus is described by medical professionals as a perception of noise; a ringing, buzzing, or other similar noise in one or both ears that people nearby cannot… Continue reading Holistic Methods for Managing Tinnitus