Hearing Aid Evaluation


Your lifestyle is very important when choosing the right hearing aid. You need to determine, along with your audiologist, what environments are most affected by your hearing loss.

Three Types of Lifestyles

  1.  Quiet. You spend most of your days in a quiet environment. Your communication is limited between 1-2 other people in a quiet room. You may talk on the telephone or watch TV most days.
  2. Moderately Active. Incorporates the quiet lifestyle, but you get out sometimes and encounter busier environments such as the grocery store, the bank or a quieter restaurant (3-4 people sitting around your table).
  3. Active. Involved in many different environments. For instance, you may attend groups or crowded events, go to busy restaurants, or have hearing difficulties in noise.

Styles of Daily Wear Hearing Aids.

6 Styles:

    1. IIC. (invisible in the canal).
    2.  CIC. (completely in the canal).
    3.  ITC. (in the canal).
    4.  HS, FS, or ITE. (half shell, full shell or in the ear).
    5.  BTE. (behind the ear).
    6.  RIC, RITE, RIE. (receiver in the canal, receiver in the ear, receiver in ear).

Extended Wear Hearing Aid.

Phonak Lyric device is an extended wear hearing aid. This device sits deep inside the ear canal and will be replaced by your audiologist every 2 months. The patient does not worry about replacement of batteries, removing, inserting and maintaining the hearing aid. This device is worn when sleeping and showering, but the head cannot be submerged under water.


Costs of hearing aids are determined by the lifestyle choice (manufacturers refer to this as technology levels). To determine if hearing aids are a covered benefit under your plan, please call the office and the front staff will be able to assist.


We believe in providing choices to our patients by working with all major manufacturers in the hearing industry. Not one company is superior and you and the audiologist will determine what is best for your hearing loss, lifestyle, budget and cosmetic concerns. We have great relationships with the following companies: Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, Siemens, Starkey, Unitron, and Widex.

Are you considering a hearing aid? We can help you navigate the market.