Cochlear Implants

Hearing aids enable millions of people with hearing loss to improve their hearing.

They do this by amplifying sounds and optimizing them for the best possible benefit. However, when significant hearing loss is present as a result of damage to or malformation of the inner ear, even the most sophisticated hearing aids may not be enough to improve hearing ability to the necessary degree.
Currently, we only evaluate and provide cochlear implant services to adults in our practice.

What is a Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear implants are implantable hearing devices for people who’s hearing aids are no longer providing enough benefits for speech understanding in everyday situations.

Pre Cochlear Implant Evaluations

This evaluation is only for those patients whose hearing aids are no longer providing enough benefits for everyday communication. The Cochlear Implant evaluations include a Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation, verification of current hearing aid prescription, and speech testing (in quiet and in noise) with and without hearing aids (demo hearing aids will be used if needed for testing purposes only).

Once testing is completed, the audiologist will determine if you are a cochlear implant candidate.

Post Cochlear Implant Evaluations

This evaluation is completed post implantation to determine residual hearing levels, your progression of speech understanding and to establish timeframes for further mapping appointments.


Once you receive your cochlear implant, it will be mapped (term used for programming the device). The initial activation appointment will take a few hours. Interval mapping appointments will be scheduled.


We do not have a formal aural rehabilitation program in our practice.  The success of your ability to process and understand speech will be in direct correlation with your efforts. Results will vary based on multiple factors before and after implantation.

Local Chapters

There are local meetings and support groups for recipients.

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